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Loads of people suffer from allergies whether it is from foods, gluten, pollens, animal fur or moulds. If you are for example a sufferer of hay fever you have to cope with itchy eyes, blocked/ runny nose, sneezing, headaches, blocked sinuses. The symptoms usually start in the spring, which is also a time of the year when exams are taking place.

Kinesiology is a very effective way of finding the triggers and easing the symptoms you are suffering from. By using kinesiology you can reduce the bodies response to an allergen.

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Certain foods high levels of histamine which can make your symptoms worse. This includes yeast, wine, cheeses, some fish, tinned vegetables and processed meat. Instead try eating low histamine foods like eggs, rice, quinoa, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables

Strengthen your immune system by making sure your friendly bacteria in your gut is sufficient through eating nutrition rich foods, vitamins and high fiber foods including nuts and seeds.

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I went to see Pam because I was constantly scratching my itching skin. After some testing, Pam discovered that this was related to having an intolerance to coffee. I immediately stopped drinking coffee and with that the itching has completely disappeared. 

Sam, Ipswich  

I have been suffering with hay fever for years. It was so bad that I took double doses of anti histamine, but after just one kinesiology session all my symptoms had eased. I am still amazed how quickly my symptoms disappeared.

James, Holbrook

My daugther was very allergic to cats. Every time we went to the grandparents she came back with red puffy eyes. Doing the allergy testing with Pam has completely changed this around. We can now see the grandparents and she can stoke the cat's without having to worry about this anymore.

Karin, Colchester

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