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Kinesiology can make a real difference as there are times in your life when you co​me across ‘bumps in the road’, meaning a problem or issue arises and interferes with you moving on. Using Kinesiology makes you go beyond those bumps rather than feeling stuck there.

Kinesiology is a very effective way to realign your body back into balance. It can help with issues around your health and wellbeing, hay fever, personal transitions, clear self doubt and easing of physical and emotional pains.

It can also be used for achieving your goals especially when you are hitting the ceiling of what you can achieve. These goals can be personal or work related, such as stress around moving up the ladder, an interview situation, a presentation you are planning to hold, having the feeling of imposter syndrome or just more in general.

What makes Kinesiology unique is that it focusses on using muscle testing as this is a great tool to communicate with your body. Using muscle techniques gives me a profound insight into the deeper levels of the wisdom of your body. With this knowledge gathered we can then look at your blocks to find out what is it that is stopping you from moving on in the way you want it to be.

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What to expect

Face to Faces sessions in Mistley, Essex

On the first consultation we will have a chat about what is going in your life and what your goals are. After the chat the session will begin where we will hold acupressure points release any blockages related to your physical or emotional issues. This is all a very relaxing and gentle. Clients often feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Online sessions

During our online session you can just sit back and relax behind your computer surrounded by your own home comforts and I will just ask you to do the corrections with me. ​Every now and then I will ask you a question and I will get you to hold some acupressure points and we work through the process together. After the session you can either sit or lie down to relax giving your body the time to process. You will receive exactly the same benefits as having a session in person. 

Take the first step toward your best life today by clicking the link below

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Home: Services
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About Me

I am Pam, a dedicated Kinesiologist and I work online with clients from all over the world. I am also a mum of two loving children.

For the last 15 years I have been practising Kinesiology, but I didn’t start off that way. I used to work in customer services and even though I enjoyed helping my clients out, I felt unhappy, I knew that there was a way that I could help clients achieve positive change on a much deeper level. 

Over the years I have added Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

tapping and Life Purpose Coaching. By integrating these tools together I am able to immediately see what is keeping you blocked and I will offer unique custom serviced insights to your issues leaving you feeling empowered and accelerating you into the next chapter of your life with renewed confidence.

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Pam immediately saw my blocks and started going deep into it, one after the other until I felt the heaviness behind it all was gone and I felt lighter. Pam's session helped me feel more relaxed and feel better equipped to deal with challenges in my life & able to move forward & to feel hope again. I got the fun in my life back again. 

Bayari, East Anglia

Pam helped me enormously with getting rid of the tension in a life choice. She is very precise and takes the time to let you formulate a question. She has a lot of knowledge and goes out of her way to help you. I can highly recommend her!

Marie, Amsterdam

My daugther was very allergic to cats. Every time we went to the grandparents she came back with red puffy eyes. Doing the allergy testing with Pam has completely changed this around. We can now see the grandparents and she can stoke the cat's without having to worry about this anymore.

Karin, Colchester

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